Pat & Kelly Lucero 

My "Life Changing Story" began after many years of pretending to be a Christian. I asked Jesus Christ to come into my life at the age of 11, but I never actually let Him in. All the while, I was deceiving, hurting and using many people who were found to be wondering in my wake including those who truly loved me. Before I was a Christian, I even prevented many folks from truly knowing who God was and is. As a result of my destructive path and my actions, God was someone they did not want to know.  I was the definition of a hypocrite and nothing I had or did could satisfy my selfish desires.  

But, by God's grace and God's mercy through His Son Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, God used Christian brothers and sisters who were obedient to God's calling to work with and love me. They committed and invested time to my growth. They held me accountable as Christian brothers and sisters should and continually prayed for my deliverance and salvation; but more importantly, they loved me. Through their acts, I realized that I had to truly commit my life to Christ; completely and whole heartedly. I no longer was just "reading" the word; I was now seeing the Word. On my knees, I realized that I had to completely surrender to Christ and change and joyfully live a life serving Christ.  I finally completely surrendered to Christ to make me whole.

This is when I became a Christian and why I attend First Baptist Bloomfield; where people love me and want nothing more than for me to have a personal, fulfilling and committed relationship with Christ.

Larry & Kay Likes 

Kay and I met in the summer of 1962 while she was working at the A & W Root Beer stand in Aztec I was working for El Paso Nat. Gas Co. I would stop by every evening before going to work. We dated for a short time and were married December 28, 1962.

Kay had become a Christian at a early age before we were married. While working every evening there was a deacon from FBC Bloomfield named Tolly Brothers who shared the story of Jesus with me. In the summer of 1963, the pastor and Tolly came to our home and I gave my life to Jesus and became a member of the church. Over the years, we moved around to different churches in different areas, but God always brought us back to FBC Bloomfield as our home church.

Brook Lanier 

My story and testimony of coming to Christ might be seen as the common "I grew up in church and was told about Jesus and have parents that are Christians" kind of story, but it definitely is not the case! I always struggled with owning my faith in God and being bold about it. In my sixth grade year, I was shy and had no confidence. I was living with my grandma at the time because my mom had been having a mental breakdown and was in the hospital. Growing up in church and knowing about God helped me through this but I had yet to have a relationship with Jesus at this point. 

In eighth grade, I discovered that dating is "cool" and I fell for thinking that the love of a guy could satisfy my needs which only JESUS can truly and fully do. Dating became something that drove me further away from God. This whole "dating without a purpose" slowly but surely began to fade as God grasped my attention more and more through bible studies at the Snow's house, my parents' biblical guidance, summer church camp, and through people that without a doubt were put in my life by God to help me and mold me and show me the love God has for us! 

I look back and see constantly times where I know God was grasping my heart’s attention. My freshmen year of high school I made the decision to come to Christ and get baptized.  I felt spiritually strong, but still I had yet to let go of my past fully and I still wanted to date without a pure purpose not knowing the meaning of love and commitment. This led to me to so sadly breaking hearts and hurting people around me.  Over the next year I began to get a right perspective on this aspect of my life and began to have the desire to only date someone who would bring me closer then I already was to God.  That year was life changing, and I felt God's presence like never before.  He changed my thoughts, my intentions, my wants and needs and desires and they became all centered around God and what His will is! 

During that year, I went to Utah on a mission trip, and through prayer and constant yearning to hear from God, I had the conviction of my past and how it affected me. The Sunday before we traveled to Utah I finally let go of everything that was holding me back and let God work. This mission trip was spiritually exciting and also so hard, I grew in my walk with God and God worked and changed me. 

My family and I still struggle with my mother’s mental illness and it is constantly a battle that we fight spiritually, but through this tribulation I've learned so much about having a strong mindset by digging deep in God’s word. Walking with God is a sweet and divine romance that I wouldn't trade for the world. God is SO good!

Doyal and Doris Humphries 

I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior when I was about 10 years old in a revival in a small Baptist Church out in a farming community in south central Oklahoma.  When I was nineteen God brought Doris into my life and we were married. This started us on a four state journey and 57 years and counting together. As we moved from state to state and some cases town to town the first Sunday after arriving we were in a Baptist Church worshiping together and serving our Lord.

I was transferred to Farmington in July of 1979, and God lead us to make our home in Bloomfield. We joined FBC, and in the late 80’s I was ordained as a deacon. When I retired in 1991 for a while I co-taught and taught the senior men’s class. About 1998 I changed to the second grade and my first class is about out of college now.

The Bible says, “Let the little children come to me” (Mark 10:13-14)  This is a very profound verse to me; in fact I believe it is a must that we tell the children about Jesus.    

Doris became a Christian at the age of 12 in a small Baptist Church in Temple, Oklahoma during vacation bible school. Consequently VBS has been near and dear to her heart.

God receives all the glory in her life!  She has taught Sunday school, worked in VBS, and WMU. In Bloomfield she taught two generations of fourth graders and has seen many come to Christ. Oh what a change has taken place in the thirty five years we have been in Bloomfield. We’ve seen God so at work, may He continue His blessing on this church.